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How to Uninstall & Reinstall STOPzilla® antivirus

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Uninstall and reinstall STOPzilla® Antivirus

Problem Summary
If you are not able to install STOPzilla antivirus properly in your PC, then follow easy 2-step resolution to uninstall the program and then reinstall it again.

If STOPzilla fails to properly install in your PC, you need to remove the program and again reinstall it on your computer.

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Step 1: Uninstall STOPzilla
Right-click the ‘STOPzilla’ icon in the system tray and then select `Exit STOPzilla!’ from the drop-down menu. Close your browser. Open the `Start’ menu by pressing the Windows key or clicking it on the task bar. Click `Run’ if you are using Windows XP, or click on the search bar if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Open the `Add/Remove Programs’ window: Enter the text `AppWiz.cpl’ and press enter. Select STOPzilla! from the program list and click `Remove.’ Windows 7 users should right-click the application’s name and click `Remove.’Click `Next’ at the uninstall dialog until it reports that it has finished uninstalling.

Step 2: Reinstall STOPzilla
Open your web browser by double-clicking on its icon on desktop or by clicking on the web browser’s name in the ‘Programs’ section in `Start’ menu. Navigate your web browser to STOPzilla website and then click on the ‘Product’ link at the top of the page. Scroll on the drop-down list and click on ‘STOPzilla.’ Download STOPzilla: Click on ‘Click here to download STOPzilla now!’ Click the ‘Save File’ button when your web browser prompts you to decide if you want to download the program. Navigate to the folder on your hard drive where your downloaded files are saved. Double-click on ‘STOPzilla Setup.’ Click the ‘Continue’ button if your operating system asks if you want to run the software. Click the `Next’ button when the STOPzilla installation screen appears. Read the terms of service and click on `I Agree to the Terms.’ Click `Next.’ Click the check mark if you don’t want the toolbar to be installed. Click `Next’ again to finish the installation.

Now you have uninstalled and reinstalled STOPzilla anti-spyware in your machine.

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