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How To Temporarily Disable Webroot AntiVirus

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If you want to install another antivirus program on your computer and want to avoid software conflicts, then follow the easy 3-step troubleshooting solution to temporarily disable Webroot Antivirus from your PC.

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Here is how to temporarily disable Webroot AntiVirus from your PC. Click on each troubleshooting step to complete the task successfully.

Step 1: Click Options
Open ‘Webroot AntiVirus’ and then click on ‘Options’ button.

 Step 2: Go to Shield tab
In the ‘Options Menu,’ go to ‘Shield tab.’

 Step 3: Protect against Viruses
Under the section labeled Anti-Virus Protection, uncheck ‘Protect against Viruses’ box.

You have successfully disabled Webroot AntiVirus from your system.

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