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Increased Cyberbullying: Time to Install Parental Control Software [Infographic]

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It’s high time for parents to get involved in their kids’ online world in addition to their real world

Kids and teens of today have more access to the technology and the online world than we used to have. One or the other electronic gadgets are constantly keeping them connected to the Internet. The recent stats, as shown in the infographic below, don’t show a healthy picture of this trend.

According to stopcyberbullying.org website, “Cyberbullying is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor. Once adults become involved, it is plain and simple cyber-harassment or cyberstalking. Adult cyber-harassment or cyberstalking is NEVER called cyberbullying.”

We, as informed readers, can do our bit and help save our children from the negative Internet experience and stop cyberbullying by installing appropriate parental control software in both PCs and mobile phones from the following options:

Norton Online Family

Norton Online Family gives you tools to build trust, communicate openly and work together with your kids to develop and enforce a good online behavior. You sit together to set up house rules and enforce them through different tools. Norton Online Family can help you check every site your kids visit, everything they search for and what they chat. You can also block specific websites. Limit on the time daily spent on computer can also be implemented. You get automatic alerts when any of the house rules is violated. All these features are available for free. You can also opt for extra features in the Premier version at a discounted yearly price of $29.99. Visit the site to watch helpful video and know more about this parental control system.

PureSight PC

PureSight PC is a parental control program that provides safe Internet environment to children. Its multi-layered protection technology enables you to monitor chats and Facebook activities of your children. It can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify parents. This easy-to-install software enables you to enforce Internet curfew, sets real-time alerts, blocks a specific software, and provides web filtering options. You can download the free trial version of PureSight PC by clicking here.


MinorMonitor is a free web-based tool that provides knowledge-based analytics. The tool has been specifically designed to monitor the Facebook activities of your child. It protects your child from online predators, cyberbullying, and other dangers that can happen on Facebook and Twitter. Its easy-to-use web dashboard helps you to monitor your child’s messages, activities, friends and photos. Not only MinorMonitor detects dangerous activities through 24X7 continuous monitoring but also provides you alerts instantly. You can sign-up to this free tool by clicking here.


uKnowKids is a parental intelligence system that provides comprehensive Facebook monitoring, reports top contacts in your child’s address book and recently added social networking friends, and text-lingo and slang translation engine. It also offers mobile phone and text message monitoring options and tools for parents to help teach their children about the different aspects of safety. Its fully integrated GPS map provides child GPS tracking option. You can also view public and private photos of your child. You can try this web tool for free by visiting their website.

Parental Control Software for Cell Phones

According to an article in toptenreviews.com website, “Social networks, instant messaging and text messaging are the raging trend for teenagers. Through these forms of communication, teenagers can stay in contact with their friends and peers, even after they come home from school. Social networking and texting can be fun ways to keep the conversation going between friends, but they also come with some inherent dangers.”

You can read reviews of best parental control software in 2012 for cell phones by visiting the toptenreviews.com site.

Cyberbullying Infographic


Silence in cases of cyberbullying can do more harm to your child than good. You should strive to do whatever you can do to prevent your child from becoming a victim of cyberbullying or for being a bully.


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