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New Target of Cybercriminals

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Cell phone operating systems are new target of Cybercriminals: McAfee Q1 threats report

According to McAfee Q1 threats report, after computer operating systems, cell phone operating systems like Android and Symbian are becoming the new targets for cybercrime.

“The number of malware attacks on Android devices found in a single month this quarter is the same as reported in the whole of year 2007.” says Vinoo Thomas, Technical Product Manager of McAfee.

With the increasing popularity of Android OS, it has been identified as the second most popular environment for mobile malware after Symbian operating system. The most prominent Android mobile malware affecting games, applications, and text messages are Android/Drad, Android/DrdDream, Android/StemySCR.A, and AndroidBgyoulu.

The report also says “The cybercriminals behind the Zeus crimeware toolkit have also directed attacks toward the mobile platform, creating new versions of Zitmo mobile malware for both Symbian and Windows Mobile systems.”

Cybercriminals use malicious content by using popular tricks to lure users like spam promoting phony or real products. McAfee Q1 threats report also accounts significant rise in malicious web content that relates to high-impact news like the Japan earthquake, tsunami news, and major sports events, with an average of 8,600 new bad sites per day.

The report accounts that out of the top 100 search results every day, approximately 50% lead to malicious websites.

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