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Easy Steps to Install Norman Personal Firewall

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What do you mean by a Firewall? Let me clear one thing that Firewall is not an antivirus program, nor does it spell-check your e-mail. Well, in short and simple words, it is a form of hacker protection. Elaborating it further, when you get connected to the Internet, you read e-mails, surf the web, and make connections to other computers across the world. These activities are quite normal. However, this also implies that other computers may connect to yours and that’s mostly where the trouble starts.

There are many people out there who take great pleasure in destroying other people’s experience of the Internet. By hacking your system, they may get easy access to your computer, private documents, and can also render your computer completely useless by deleting important system files.

You are not doomed yet though, because a hacker must be able to connect to your computer to perform any of these activities. This is when Norman Personal Firewall (NPF) steps in.  Normally, your system does not tell you that someone has made connection to your computer. So, here Norman Personal Firewall allows you to monitor your system and connection that are made. It is a simple way to minimize the chance of your computer being exposed to the wrong kind of activities.

You may follow these steps to install Norman Personal Firewall to keep your system protected against hackers. See how to install:

  • Download the Norman Personal Firewall program from the web.
  • Double-click the downloaded file.
  • Setup will now prepare the Wizard for the installation program.
  • Click on Next when the welcome screen appears.
  • Click on Next again when you come to the License Agreement Page
  • Type in the drive or directory where you want to install NPF
  • Setup will now install the program on your hard disk. As the transfer is complete, the installation program prompts you to restart the computer to complete the installation.

As your system restarts, Freshie’s Assistant is launched to help you understand the basics of NPF. If you are new, the content will be a real help to you as it will guide you through the basic rules of NPF.

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