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Network Security

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Do you want to know the importance of network security and techniques to secure it from hackers?

Network security refers to various policies and restrictions adopted by the administrator to ensure the safety and security of the network. It includes guarding the network against unauthorized modification or destruction. It is critical to ensure the safety of the computer network to prevent and block unauthorized usage of your machine. Network security becomes necessary to safeguard your computer from destruction, alteration and improper disclosure of programs running on it. Ensuring network security is vital for business corporations to secure its sensitive and personal information from hackers.

The following points will give a complete understanding of different types of network attacks and prevention techniques:

  • Various types of network security attacks
  • Harmful effects of network attack
  • Techniques to ensure network security
Various types of network security attacks

If your security plan for a network is not up-to-date, then the network is open to a number of attacks. Your network is accessible to eavesdroppers and hackers who can monitor and track the network communications. An attacker can also modify and alter the data on your network. He can gain password-based access control by finding out valid user account. This gives him the same rights as the real user and allows him to modify server and network configuration. The attacker can also harm your network using denial-of-service attack method, which allows him to flood a computer or the entire network with traffic to cause overload, leading to a complete shut-down of the network.

Harmful effects of network attack

If the security of a network is breached then the hacker gains the total control of the network. The hacker has the ability to monitor the network traffic, read your communications and crash or corrupt the network. He can also copy viruses throughout your network and disable other security controls to make it vulnerable to future attacks. Apart from altering the confidential information, the hacker can also use your network to send spam and attack other computers.

Techniques to ensure network security

In order to ensure total network security, you need to install firewall on your computer to block access from unauthorized and malicious users. You are required to install an efficient and powerful antivirus software. It is also important that you use strong passwords and change them on a time-to-time basis. Apart from this you need to restrict the access and monitor the network closely for any deviations and random sequence and port numbers.

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