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Best Smartphone Security: Which one do you have?

Smartphone Security
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There are different mobile phone operating systems around and not all are created equal. Each Smartphone has some unique features that give it an edge to another Smartphone. The same is true for Smartphone security issues as well. There is Smartphone specific security risks that your phone is vulnerable to. Whether you are using the cool and trendy iPhone or the corporate BlackBerry or the sleek Windows Mobile, here are some important things you should know about Smartphone security.

iPhone security tips

iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphones around and yet it is vulnerable to security breaches. Malware took a totally different approach with the release of iOS 4. With the multi-tasking ability of iPhone, malware gets unnoticed. Malware is mostly found on iPhones that have been jail broken.

‘Jail breaking’ means freeing a phone from the limitations imposed by the wireless provider and for iPhone it is Apple. Users install a software application on their PCs and then transfer the same to their iPhone, where it ‘breaks open’ the iPhone’s file system, allowing to modify it. But it also opens gate for malware. By jail breaking, malicious applications can enter their iPhone that has all your personal information, including your bank account details.

Also, if the user is not changing the password on a jail broken iPhone, the SSH service is convenient for hackers to create worms that can further infected the iPhone. For complete Smartphone security, avoid jail breaking.

Windows Mobile security tips

Windows Mobile is very vulnerable to attracting malware via SMS. The amount of SMS malware found on Windows Mobile devices is much higher in comparison to other Smartphones. With Windows Mobile operating system, there are many system calls that are shared with its full featured desktop counterparts. So, many malware that originated on the Windows OS got moved to Windows Mobile OS. Avoid opening SMS from unrecognized sources or that read like spam for complete Smartphone security.

BlackBerry security tips

BlackBerry is more of a corporate Smartphone and quite different from the regular Smartphones out there. It is one of the most secure Smartphones available today. BlackBerry developers have done a good job I keeping the inner workings of this Smartphone a secret from the public. This is one of the big reasons that there are limited numbers of security breaches on BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry is known to suffer from multitasking issues that makes malware to run unnoticed, quite easy.

Android security tips

The Android operating system is the only open source operating system in Smartphones. Android OS is not owned by an individual organization, so it always keeps the interest of users in mind first. However, that also means that anybody can submit applications that may contain malicious functions, making it difficult to catch. It is important for users to check if they are downloading the app from a reputable source. The recent Android security app malware is an example we can learn from.

In Conclusion

All Smartphones have their own strengths and weaknesses and your selection should depend on how you plan to use the Smartphone. Here are some quick tips to improve your Smartphone security.

  •     Do not install apps from unreliable sources.
  •     Avoid jail breaking as much as possible.
  •     Change your password from default settings.

Share with us what Smartphone you are using.

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