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Winlogon Virus

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Do you know about Winlogon virus, how it harms your system, and how to prevent your computer from the virus?

There are certain programs which come factory-installed in your computer system. Many spyware and virus developers often place files elsewhere on your computer, and use the same name as that of the pre-installed program in an attempt to fool you. Winlogon virus is such a virus which is similar to the name of winlogon.exe, a program which comes as pre-installed software.

Here is a description of the Winlogon virus, what its harmful effects are and how to protect your computer system from this virus.

  • What is Winlogon virus?
  • How Winlogon virus harms your system?
  • How to avoid getting “winlogon.exe error” on your system?
What is Winlogon virus?

The Winlogon virus is similar to the program winlogon.exe, which comes as a factory-installed program in your computer system. The correct path of winlogon.exe program is Windows \ System32. In the System32 folder, you can find the winlogon.exe program, which is harmless. This path verification is important because this will ensure that it is not a spyware, adware, or virus related. The function of this winlogon.exe file is to run your Windows system operate correctly. Many worms and viruses have tried to disguise their names like this, and Winlogon virus is one of them.

How Winlogon virus harms your system?

The Winlogon virus may cause the frequent occurrence of “winlogon.exe error” in the Windows login manager. The Windows login manager’s function is to facilitate the login and logout processes in your computer. Winlogon.exe should always be running and should not be terminated as it helps your computer to operate normally. The “winlogon.exe error” can be attributed to Winlogon Virus. This error can be very harmful not only to your PC, but also to your security.

How to avoid getting “winlogon.exe error” on your system?

The recommended way to handle and fix a “winlogon.exe error” is by using a registry cleaner. Each computer has a database called the registry, which stores all important information regarding the settings of all the programs that are installed in your system. Your system’s registry might get corrupted while doing your normal day to day computer operations such as logging in and logging out, or installing and uninstalling a program. The registry cleaner goes into your system’s registry and scans it for error. The errors that are detected are fixed by the program itself. Registry cleaners even look for items in your registry that are no longer needed by your system to function normally. Usually these items are the reason behind the frequent occurrence of a “winlogon.exe error”.

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