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Clean potential viruses from system

Viruses are malicious programs that are designed to specifically cause havoc to your desktop or laptop computer. Computer viruses can be categorized as program viruses i.e. viruses that come as file types with extension such as *.bin,*.exe. In addition there are the active X control viruses, boot sector viruses, and macro viruses. In most cases these viruses are not easily detectable at a glance as they disguise themselves as useful files or attach themselves to certain programs and are activated when the user runs the files.

The different modes of virus infections, consequences of such infection and ways to keep a system clean of viruses are discussed in the following points:

  • Modes of virus infection
  • Consequences of viruses
  • Keeping Systems Clean from Viruses
Modes of virus infection

Each virus has its own mode of infection and targets. Boot sector viruses are a category targets specifically the first sector of a media storage disk containing the Mater Boot Record (MBR). Its purpose is to read and load the operating system. The infection is activated when the user reboots that system and this corrupts the operating system files and a normal boot is not possible.

Program viruses, on the other hand, disguise themselves as important files in the system. They hide as system files or as user files. Their intention is to multiply within the system and infect other installed programs. Microsoft Office is widely used to generate files in the computer and contains an additional feature called macro. A virus programmed and embedded as a macro targets these office applications such that every file generated in either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel are automatically infected.

Consequences of viruses

It is no secret that once the system is infected by a virus, its performance is greatly compromised. Slow execution by the system than normal is the most first likely outcome. In this case, the computer will function slowly than normal, taking time to load files and applications. Worms have the habit of creating duplicate files and folders in the computer system. This leads to more memory storage space being used and less left for normal system operation.
The system stalls and reboots in most cases due to over utilization of its resources. This is caused by background processes that are initiated due to programs that start at boot-up and less operating memory. In cases where the boot files are affected, Windows will definitely crash.

Keeping Systems Clean from Viruses

Installing and updating on the regular basis of a trusted and reliable anti-virus program is the best and the most effective way of dealing with the virus problem. In addition there are available software tools such as anti-spywares that are used to detect and eliminate viruses that may escape the detection of an antivirus. In as much as having these programs installed and frequently updated, it is important for the user to put standard operating procedures in place i.e. disk scans, e-mail scans to protect against the spread of viruses.

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