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Trojan Popup

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Know Why Trojan Pop-ups are Displayed

A Trojan popup is a popup message that appears mostly in Windows XP operating systems. It is an indication of the presence of a Trojan file in the system and it should be removed immediately to prevent any damage to the user’s files or system files.

Here we discuss about these Trojan pop-ups on a few aspects:

  • Why these Trojan popup messages appear
  • The significance of these popup messages
  • Do all security software display such popup messages

Why these trojan popup messages appear?
Trojan popup messages are just popup messages appearing from a brightly colored icon on the taskbar which appears there once you install malicious software like WinPC Antivirus. It displays a message like “Trojan detected! A piece of malicious code was found in your system”. It can replicate itself if no action is taken. Click here to have your system cleaned by WinPC Antivirus.” This is a false message which deceives the user into buying Trojan removal software for a minimal cost. Once the user has bought the software product the software replicates and starts to display more and more aggressive threats and false alert notifications, finally bringing the system to a crash.

The significance of these popup messages
The Trojan popup messages appear all the time and above all open applications (like most of the popup messages). They have a far greater significance than just appearing and displaying a message to the user. It usually changes the Internet settings or connects itself to the Internet and stays out of sight in the background. They decrease the speed of Internet connectivity and also greatly decrease the system performance. They also create plenty of shortcuts on your desktop and also change your homepage to some other site offering more Trojan files. They also display more and more popup messages which can never be closed.

Do all security software display such popup messages
The answer to such a question is surely no. All legitimate security software like antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall software never display such popup messages unless a Trojan tries to access the system files of the computer. They just monitor all the software files, device drivers, and other kernel files for infections and infiltrations and try to clean them or remove them. But illegal security software like the one mentioned above display popup messages and tries to trick the people into buying more and more illegal security software by increasing the number of threats which are all of course false.

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