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Anti-phishing Support

Phishing is an online form of identity theft, where cybercriminals attempt to scam you and acquire your private information by pretending to be a legitimate entity. It is largely initiated through e-mails or instant messages. These e-mails direct you to a website where you are required to give your username, password, credit card information, bank account details, and more. Your private information is then used to carry out identity thefts and other malicious practices.

How to Stay Secured from Phishing Scams?
Phishing scams come in many forms and shapes, but with some precautions at hand, you can easily beat them and protect your personal information from leaking. Browse our anti-phishing support section to find out everything that you always wanted to know about phishing. Whether you want to learn about top phishing scams or the best ways to avoid them, we bring to the table many interesting and useful topics that can prove to be quite handy.

However, if you want to get comprehensive protection from ongoing phishing scams, then get in touch with our expert technicians. iYogi certified technicians can provide you complete anti-phishing support to protect your confidential information and valuable data from hackers and con artists. We can help you install and configure the latest anti-phishing software to protect and safeguard your identity from identity thieves and cybercriminals. Our certified technicians have all the expertise and tenacity to resolve all your tech related issues at the convenience of your home, office, or home office. Try us.

With iYogi anti-phishing support, you get • Freedom to securely browse the web
• Security to your e-mails and attachments
• Complete data and file sharing protection
• Confidence to click on unknown URLs and hyperlinks.

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Phishing is a technique in which cybercriminals attempt to scam you and acquire your private information by pretending to be a legitimate entity. It is…