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McAfee Mobile Security Suite Launched at MWC 2012

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McAfee Mobile Security Suite Launched at MWC 2012

The whole world is coming to your smartphone and apparently the figures do their own talking. The mobile market is projected to be worth a whooping US$1.2 trillion by 2020. So we are talking millions of smartphones and tablets that are going to flood our homes, offices, and schools. And all these will surely require security as mobile devices are the latest targets for hackers and spammers. In fact, former McAfee CTO George Kurtz is of the opinion that mobility is the next battlefield in the global war of corporate espionage.

Rise in Malware
In the new world order of online security, the phenomenal rise in malware attacks is a growing concern, especially in the mobile space. Android malware has increased to an estimated 427 percent according to a recent report and with such frightening statistics, security companies worldwide are rushing in to block this glaring gap. And as workplaces are changing all over the globe to allow their employees to connect to their networks, the need for security and policy enforcement mechanisms is of utmost need. In a similar spirit of things, Internet security giant McAfee is using the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona and the RSA at San Francisco to showcase new tools and techniques to safeguard mobile devices and apps.

McAfee Protection Tools
Dubbed as Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) 10, McAfee’s new platform is designed for businesses that allow their employees to hook up to their office networks. The package includes data security, e-mail sandboxing, application blacklisting for Android and iOS operating systems and admin control for devices to connect to the network. EMM 10 is especially suited for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment and for working with a wide variety of devices. Besides these, the suite provides secure mobile app access and strong authentication. McAfee’s e-mail sandboxing feature for iOS prevents corporate mails from being forwarded from a personal e-mail box and blocks iCloud, so that proprietary data cannot be moved to a user’s personal iCloud account. Moreover, enhanced security is provided by the application blacklisting feature for both Android and iOS devices. This facility allows the admin to identify certain apps and block access to them alongwith dangerous SSL certificates to stop mobile devices from accessing malicious websites.

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