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Malware Attack: Symptoms and Remedies

Malware Attack: Symptoms and Remedies
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Your PC is very prone to virus attacks, especially malware attacks. No matter how hard you try, you still cannot guarantee 100% that you have completely secured it. Even the slightest mistake such as clicking on a link (not genuine) can invite serious trouble. However, if you are alert and aware, you can avert hassles. For a quick round up of the symptoms that hint that your PC has malware, read on… Also, do keep the remedies mentioned here handy; you never know when you might need them!

When your computer runs slower than usual

A slow computer is not always a result of malware intrusion. However, it may be the case more often than not. Therefore, it is important that you know when it is the right time to worry. Malware eat up a lot of system space and render the PC to run slow.

Remedy: Look for newly installed apps/programs to figure out if that could be slowing your PC. If you can’t find any, it could be a malware attack for sure.

Social media sites update posts that you never wrote

If you view posts on your social media profile(s) that you actually never wrote in the first place, beware! A notorious malware could have made your PC its home.

Remedy: Inform your profile friends that they should not click on any link posted on your profile or they may actually be the next prey. Once you have got your PC cleaned and the malware is out of it, inform your friends that they can now freely communicate with you via your social networking profile.

When you are unable to use the common system tools

One of the commonest symptoms that hint that your PC security has been compromised is the unavailability of system tools. If you are unable to launch the Task Manager or if you receive warnings wrongly stating that, the Administrator has disabled the tools, be sure that your PC has a malware in it.

Remedy: When your system tools do not follow your command, you may have reasons to be worried about. Keep a tab on the frequency of such happenings. By being alert, you could prevent further damage.

Websites redirect on its own

Another symptom that you can watch out for is when your PC begins to redirect web pages to some other websites and offers you irrelevant search results.

Remedy: Try opening web pages in a different browser and if the problem continues, do not wait for a miracle to happen; rather, act smart before the malware harms you and your valuable information stored in the PC.

The first and foremost remedy to tackle any or all the above-mentioned issues is to have a good-quality anti-malware/ antivirus program installed on your PC. The program should be up-to-date with the latest updates. If you have one installed, regularly monitor its expiry date. And, if you do not have one installed, you could engage in any of the free antivirus programs available on the Internet and free your PC of malware and prevent a major system breakdown.

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