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Protect PCs from .exe Viruses

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How do antivirus software help in removing .exe viruses from your system?

Computer users often get their systems affected with the .exe viruses. These viruses are executable files and often appear to the users as genuine software or files. They force you to click on them to help execute them. These are malicious programs that let viruses associated with the files to invisibly operate in the background. These programs steal personal information like credit card details, password ids and other valuable information stored on your computer. As long as the .exe viruses are present on your PC, they will continue to operate on it. It could also lead to other viruses, spyware, and adware entering your PC. If your system is infected with an .exe virus, it is very important that it is removed immediately. The manual removal of these viruses is difficult and there is always the risk of harming your computer. There are many free .exe virus removal tools available on the Internet which you can download and use.

An antivirus software protects your computer from such infections by:

  •     Complete scanning
  •     Real-time protection and updating
  •     Removal of threats

Complete scanning

An antivirus software scans all your files before you open them. This helps prevent the execution of .exe viruses, if they are identified. Most of the spyware get caught and blocked in the scanning process before they get executed. The latest antivirus software adopt various methods of scanning to identify possible threats. You can also do manual scans if required to eliminate the .exe virus threat.

Real-time protection and updating

Automatic protection at all times is the key feature of antivirus software. The computer system is monitored in real time for malicious objects or any kind of suspicious behavior. Every time a user attempts to access a file, the file is analyzed and checked for threats. Thus, if an .exe virus has entered your system before the antivirus has been updated it can still be detected.

Removal of threats

Any threats discovered by the antivirus software, either existing or new, are removed from your computer automatically or manually. It also has options for cleaning, quarantining, and deleting infected files. An effective antivirus can thus reduce the risk of your system getting infected with online threats like the .exe viruses.

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