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Windows® 7 Firewall Security

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What are the benefits of Windows Firewall offered with Windows 7?

Firewall is one of the built in service which is being included with the Windows Operating Systems. In case of Windows 7, it has got more improved security measures when compared to the earlier versions. As a result, you could be it would be more secure from the hackers and the unwanted access. Thus, you could block the viruses and the malicious software attack. This firewall would act as a filter in this system. There are many third party firewall software present. You could install it and could use. But, you have to make sure you are downloading the software from the genuine website. You could be able to configure the Windows 7 firewall very easily. Thereby, the security of the system gets increased.

Different security offered by Windows 7 firewall and its setup are discussed below:

  •     Traffic blocking
  •     Security center coordination
  •     Tips to set up firewall

Traffic blocking

Windows Firewall which is used would have ability to control the non-genuine traffic which would come to the computer network. It is seen that the firewall would allow the incoming connections which are from the Windows Remote Assistance. As a result, only the permitted connections are allowed to enter and all other non-genuine connections are being blocked by this firewall. Thus, it would give security to the both the users and the administrators. The security policy would remove the fake web and the FTP.

Security center coordination

It is seen that Windows firewall would coordinate with Security Center present in Windows 7. This would give alert when the firewall is off. The Windows Firewall would be enabled by default. This would offer the boot time security of the Windows users and also provide the protection to hard disk drive present in the system. All the security measures present within this firewall would prevent the system from malicious attacks.

Tips to setup firewall

You have to firstly log in administrator account. You would firstly click the Start button and from that, go to Control Panel. In that, you need to select the System and Security and after that, select Windows Firewall. When you click that, a new window would appear. In the left pane of the window, you have an option to turn on or off the firewall. There are some other settings also. If you need maximum security, you could check the box for the blocking all the incoming connections. You would also get notifications when the firewall would block any new program. You need to check the box for that. Advanced options allow users to set default settings.

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