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Firewall Scan Problem

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Both Firewall and antivirus programs have different functions to do, however Firewall may include some

Solving the Firewall scan problem

of the operations done by an antivirus program. An antivirus program is designed to identify, prevent and fight with viruses only, while Firewall gives you complete protection against viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious programs. If you are running your antivirus program with Firewall turned on, you may encounter some Firewall scan problem issues on your PC. Let us look at these issues and try to resolve them.

Downloading updates

If Firewall has been turned on in your computer and you are running an antivirus scan, then your antivirus may try to download updates from a site that is not allowed to access by Firewall. Actually, most of the ports and web addresses are restricted by Firewall and you will have to change the Firewall settings so that it can allow your antivirus program to access the particular port.

Slowed down computer

Antivirus scanning itself lowers down the speed of your computer and if Firewall is turned on, it further slows down the performance of your PC. This Firewall scan problem arises because scanning all files and folders in your PC may take some time for the scanner. This is obvious that your computer’s performance speed will be slowed down.

Difficulty in surfing over the Internet

When both scanner and Firewall are turned on, your computer’s speed is slowed down and that is why, downloading web pages may take longer time than usual to open. This can be an irritating situation for you, especially if you are doing some important task on your PC.

Router blocks the ports

Sometimes, changing the settings of your Firewall is not enough for the antivirus program to reach the port. In that case, you need to check your router to find out if the port has been blocked by it.

Checking your Firewall status

There are some sites over the Internet that allows the users to check their Firewall status. You just need to visit the site and enter the number of the port that you want to reach. The automated system of the website will tell you whether the port is open to be reached or not from your computer. Now that you know that the Firewall scan problem is from your router or from the Firewall, you can easily fix the problem on your own.

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