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Cyber crime: A peril we’re not so acquinted with

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Safety measures against cyber crimeMost of us use computers, connected via a network, at our homes and at our workplace. But, not all of us know that just like theft or damage to our personal belongings, the data stored in our computers is liable to get corrupt and get stolen. There are criminals at large, the prime motto of whom is to attack our computers and steal our confidential information. These criminals are referred to as cyber criminals and their crime is termed as cyber crime. So, whether you are a victim of a cyber crime or not, get ready to take extra precautions to fight against cyber criminals!

As more and more users are connecting to the Internet, cyber attacks are also increasing. Cyber criminals, sometimes also referred to as ‘hackers’, apply all techniques to damage the computing devices by either hacking your operating system or directly damaging the files with worms and viruses.

Perils of a cyber attack

A cyber criminal can easily deploy illegal software on your hard drive without bringing it to your notice. After that, with the help of this software they can transfer all your confidential details stored in your computer to an unknown computer. And just imagine what all they can do with those details. For instance, assume that have stored your user id and password of your bank account, which you access from your computer via the Internet. Now, if someone hacks your computer, then chances are high that you may have to wash hands to entire hard-earned money you have kept in your computer.

How cyber attack can occur

There are many reasons due to which a cyber attack can occur. Some of them can be installing illegal software, lack of knowledge about cyber offense, using outdated software, virus or malware attack and configuring ineffective security utilities.

Precautions to prevent cyber crime

So, apply extra precautions to stop the intruders. The moment you notice a notification to buy bogus software, check the genuineness of that software on different websites. Apart from this, you can set-up latest antivirus software which can guard against malicious viruses. Though, Windows operating system offers a firewall application but still you can deploy a strong firewall tool to stop hackers. On the whole, if you want to surf the Internet, then you will have to be watchful about the cyber criminals who are always active.

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