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Are Mac® users less security conscious?

Mac Users
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In a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab amongst 9,000 consumers from the U.S. and Europe, it has been revealed that Mac users are far less security conscious than PC users.

Many Mac users still believe that using OS X will protect them from Internet risks. This reaction is surprising considering the recent attack by Flashback Trojan that infected around 600,000 Macs.

According to Lee Sharrocks, UK sales and marketing director at Kaspersky Lab, “As the market share of Apple computers grows, cybercriminals are paying much more attention to it. The result is a steady growth in the number of malicious programs for Macs, and a number of highly dangerous incidents that are emerging more and more often.”

It is advisable to install a dedicated Mac antivirus program to protect your Mac against specific threats. Kaspersky Security for Mac is one such product that not only keeps your Mac, but also data and children safe.

Some of the benefits of using Kaspersky Security for Mac are as follows:

  • It gives real-time protection against emerging threats
  • Every website is pre-screened before it gets loaded on your browser to check the presence of any malicious code
  • Advanced parental control ensures that you can monitor, limit, and thus control your children’s Internet usage and block access to inappropriate sites
  • Safe to fill your personal or financial information onto web forms through the use of virtual keyboard
  • The familiar Mac-style interface makes it an easy-to-use antivirus product

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