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Adult Scam on Indonesian celebrity Aura Kasih

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Believe it or not, phishers must be having a good and updated general knowledge. That is why they manage to device phishing attacks on everything that is current and happening.

After phishing attacks on rock star Ahmad Dhani, it is the turn of Indonesian actress and singer Aura Kasih. Antivirus company Symantec has observed a phishing site that claimed to have an adult video of Aura Kasih. According to their research, “the phishing site spoofed a social networking brand and was hosted on a free Web hosting site.”

The Bait

All this started as a result of a recent scandal surrounding the singer. An adult video has been circulating recently in Indonesia over the Internet and mobile phones. This video claimed to feature Aura Kasih and pop star Nazril Irham. It is rumored that the video started appearing after the laptop of Nazril Irham was stolen.

Working of Aura Kasih Phishing Attack

To quote Symantec report, “Phishers created the phishing site with an image of a video link of Aura Kasih. A message in Indonesian on the image prompted users to login to view the video. The message also mentioned that the video was provided in secret by the social networking site and asked users not to distribute the video. A logo of the social networking brand was placed towards the image on the left with the caption, “Download Video”. After users entered their login credentials they were redirected to an Aura Kasih blog page. The blog page contained several fake links giving the impression that clicking them would lead to adult videos of the singer.”

How to safeguard yourself from this phishing attack?

Phishing attacks aim to steal your user credentials thus leading to identity theft. We can save ourselves falling prey to online phishing attacks by following some best practices:

  • Do not click on just any links in your e-mail messages. You can view the embedded URL by placing your mouse over the link and checking its path in the status bar below.
  • Beware of pop-up page or screen and refrain from adding your personal information on that page or screen.
  • Observe caution while providing your personal information in answering an e-mail.
  • Check for the ‘https’ in the address bar to ensure site safety. Also check that the website is encrypted with an SSL certificate.
  • Keep your security software updated.

Enjoy one of her songs below.

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