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5 Password Managers that can help you Survive Password Leak Attacks

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Let us first check the recent hacking trend. In June 2012, more than 6.4 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked to the web after an apparent hack. In July 2012, approximately 400,000 e-mail addresses and passwords of users of Yahoo! Voices have been leaked in plain text online. More recently, Android Forums (an online forum for Android users) was hacked that could have led to user information including passwords getting compromised. The latest one was the hack of NVIDIA developer forum “that may have resulted in the exposure of user names, e-mail addresses, hashed passwords and profile information,” according to eSecurityPlanet website.

One thing has become quite clear in all these recent hacking attacks. It is the fact that we need to fortify our passwords to prevent its leakage. According to Sophos’ Graham Cluley,

Password re-use is a big problem — with an alarming number of people using the same password on multiple sites.

He further added, “The consequences of that lax attitude to security is that if you get hacked in one place, your other online accounts could also be accessed. For instance, if you used the same password on NVIDIA as you did on your web email account — it would be child’s play for hackers to gain access to your personal communications and steal other information about you.”

We, as end users, can do our bit by using passwords that are not easy-to-guess by hackers. The team at iYogi has therefore reviewed the following 5 password managers that will help us overcome the trouble of remembering those passwords across multiple platforms like Windows, smartphones, etc., along with other benefits:

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager helps you create a strong and unique password for each account. These passwords are then stored in an encrypted format on your computer. You can login and access various application with just a single click with the help of Kaspersky Password Manager. The mobile version of this application allows you to access your passwords while working on any computer and without having to install a thing. Automatic backup and form completion, protection against keyloggers and phishing attacks, and support for different authentication methods are the other benefits of Kaspersky Password Manager. Click here to purchase this from the Kaspersky website.


Besides the features of one-click login, automatic form filling, one master password, and password encryption on your computer, LastPass allows you to store any confidential text data in your vault for safe keeping. Also, the secured data is securely synchronized across all devices giving you access to it anywhere at anytime. LastPass application is available in both free and Premium versions. The Premium version includes features like easy data import and export, sharing login credentials with friends, backup and restore, screen keyboard, and protection against phishing attacks. You can download LastPass password manager by clicking here.

RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere gives you unlimited access to all your RoboForm data (like logins, identities, bookmarks, and notes) across multiple computers, mobile devices, USBs, and tablets. Through one license of RoboForm Everywhere, you get licenses for its Desktop, Mac, and RoboForm2Go versions. The application keeps an automatic backup copy of all your RoboForm data in a secure environment. You also enjoy the free upgrades to the latest version of RoboForm at all times. Click here to reach directly to the download page of RoboForm Everywhere.

Sticky Password

This convenient password program uses the strongest available encryption to keep your data secure. It not only remembers your passwords on various platforms but also helps you create one. Its secure memo feature acts like a sticky note wherein you can secure any data like software keys, license numbers, etc. The best thing about this application is that it does not install any extra toolbar in your browser and can be accessed through a caption button. Its portable version is available for free while the Pro version has a license cost. You can reach to the download page of Sticky Password by clicking here.

Ascendo DataVault

The advanced integration tools in DataVault password manager makes it compatible with different browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It uses the advanced 256-bit AES encryption technology to secure your passwords and other personal information. Importing data from other products like MiniSafe, SplashID, and RoboForm just adds to its versatility. You can also set a time out after which the software will lock your system in case you forget to logout and step away from your computer. DataVault is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Mac OS, and Windows at a license cost. You can reach to the purchase page of DataVault by clicking here.

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