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PCSecurityShield™ Upgrades

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What is the benefit of upgrading to the latest version of PCSecurityShield products?

PCSecurityShield products deal with the protection of your system against internal and external attacks from spyware, viruses, worms and Trojan horses. The software suite features an antivirus, antispyware, anti-adware, firewall, parental control and popup blocker. Its product list includes Security Shield 2010, STOPzilla, WinShredder 2.0, The Shield Firewall and MyRegistryCleaner. PCSecurityShield products The Shield Deluxe 2010 version, which is a software program that is powered by BitDefender and provides offers advanced protection against phishing attacks and online thefts. The latest version scans files, email, and internet traffic and analyzes and closes Internet explorer vulnerabilities. The Shield Deluxe 2010 version disables links to malware and phishing sites and blocks all types of keyloggers. The version also provides automatic hourly database updates, as well as protects instant messengers.

Issues that can come up while upgrading to the latest version of PCSecurityShield products are discussed below:

  • Occurrence of “Use another key error” message
  • Receiving an “Unknown Publisher” error
  • Not able to logon to ISP since installing

Occurrence of “Use another key error” message
While upgrading from the previous version to the The Shield Deluxe 2010 version, you may receive Use another key error” message. This message occurs because the originally used key is still active. After the installation of the product, the key that is used to activate the software that is stored in the machine until it expires. Hence, when the product is uninstalled then re-installed the software will automatically pick up the active status. To fix this issue left-click on Register option and leave the License Key field empty. Select Finish button and verify if the product is active.

Receiving an “Unknown Publisher” error
While upgrading to the latest version of PCSecurityShield product you may receive receiving an “Unknown Publisher” error message. This message occurs after the installation of Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2. When you begin to download an EXE file, you may receive “This type of file could harm your computer if it contains malicious code” or Unknown Publisher” message. You may download the .exe file and have knowledge about the source of download.

Not able to logon to ISP since installing
The Spam Shield or Lashback feature filters mail before passing it on to your e-mail client for you to read it. This server replaces your Incoming mail and lists it as “″. It also changes your username for POP3 logon, as well as mail server port to 3110 from 110. Hence you may receive “Missing username argument” error, which indicates that your mail server of your provider is not going to allow the proxy to pass on the information. Hence, you will need to manually edit your e-mail account properties back to the normal ones for your ISP or you may uninstall Spam Shield. If still this issue persists you need to contact your e-mail provider.

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