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Norman® Security Suite Pro Upgrades

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Norman Security Suite PRO Upgrades is a clever decision. Want to know the benefits of upgrading such security suite Pro?

Norman Security Suite PRO upgrades is a complimentary security solution that offers absolute protection against inappropriate content, rootkits and other hostile activities. The software is perfectly suited to act according to your needs. Be it your indulgence in surfing, banking, chatting, playing games and using social networking sites Norman Security Suite PRO makes a great choice both for residential users and business clients. With its inbuilt personal firewall, Norman anti-spam, intrusion guard and antiphising features, the software indeed appears as all-in-one security solutions, thereby protecting your system from malicious attacks. Well there may be some network issues that you can come across while upgrading.

Here are some handpicked benefits of Norman Security Suite PRO Upgrades

    • Inbuilt Personal firewall
    • Intrusion Guard & Privacy tools
    • Spam identification engine
    • Easy to use
      • Comprehensive support for Norman Security Suite Pro upgrades
      • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies
      • Troubleshoot software errors
      • Update drivers and security to protect against online threats
      • Connect to Internet, devices and peripherals
      • Optimize your computer’s speed and performance

Inbuilt Personal Firewall
The software features an in-built personal firewall that reviews and scans incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer. It also blocks hackers from accessing your computer and shield attacks from infected websites. Its advanced technology checks your machine for unknown malware to ensure protection against ever-growing security threats.

Intrusion Guard & Privacy Tools
Norman Security Suite PRO comes well configured with intrusion Guard to prevent unauthorized applications or programs from taking control of your PC. For additional safety an extra privacy tool has been implemented. The advanced Privacy tool application helps you securely delete specific files as well as well as automatically delete various file comprising personal data, log files and browser history.

Utilizes Spam Identification Engine
The improved antispam engine is committed to safeguard your computer by blocking viruses from entering through email. The spam identification engine reviews and analyzes all incoming email attachments and blocks viruses at the right time. It deploys statistical approach to detect and remove spam ensuring the clean and smooth functioning machine.

Easy User Interface
The easy to use security solutions come well configured with compact and intuitive user interface. The security tool features world leading technology to provide the best protection against the viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, hackers and other hostile activities.

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