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ESET® Upgrades

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Upgrading the latest version of ESET security products makes you feel secure. Want to get accustomed to some of the issues that can come while upgrading the latest version?

With today’s Internet backed computer facing so many different kinds of security threats, the need to upgrade a smart security comes as the urgent need of the hour. ESET upgrades not just provide unobtrusive protection for everyday use but efficiently knock down all kinds of viruses, spyware, and adware as well. Its complete pro-active protection is efficient enough in providing bidirectional, firewall protection with suspicious intrusion detection features. By default, you will find that the security version is scanning programs and memory at the startup. Sometimes its features, designed to protect your computer from malware can interfere with your email functionality as well.
Here are some handpicked benefits to help you stick to the Software.

  • Smart security Firewall
  • Built for speed
  • Easy on your system
  • Easy user-interface

Smart Security Firewall
The personal firewall of ESET Smart Security provides bidirectional, stateful firewall protection with sharp detection of malicious intruders. Its heuristics detect the least amount of false alarms in the industry and provide highly reliable defense against annoying spam and email borne threats, ensuring greater system diagnostics.

Built for Speed
ESET latest security version boasts of being lightning fast, so fast that you won’t even notice about its presence. Even disk intensive operations like performing full-disk scan operations smoothly in the background while end users work. ESET smart optimization feature makes the file scanning faster than ever. A powerful feature of ESET is the ability to mark specific programs as being network aware in addition to web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Easy on your System
ESET latest version is lean and mean, using just 48 MB of memory, a fraction of what other products consume. As because it is fast and light, upgrading your existing internet security to ESET smart security can literally be like buying a new system. This helps lap top users to rejoice in the new automatic energy sipping battery mode.

Easy User Interface
ESET new version comes well configured with the compact and intuitive user interface to its minimal use of alerts, self-training firewall and other new features. Smart Security comes with improved protection features to the users and makes sure to provide them with a healthy security system that they can depend upon.

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