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How to go about McAfee Anti-Theft Software update?

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Mcafee-Anti-TheftMcAfee Anti-Theft File Protection software emerged to become one of the best security protections for Windows PC users against loss of data and device. If your PC contains large mass of business documents, personal information and financial documents, then, installing and updating McAfee Anti-Theft is a must to ensure safety of your data against loss and stealing. In addition to laptops, desktops and all-in-ones, Intel-based Ultrabooks will also be equipped with the McAfee Anti-Theft. Lately, McAfee has rolled out new updates for McAfee Anti-Theft which is designed to enable Ultrabook users to protect their data and devices against theft and loss.

Major features of McAfee Anti-Theft updates     

McAfee Anti-Theft updates are  designed with three major features which include localization, locking and encryption. This current update is available for all major brands of computer in order to bring an additional layer of protection against loss or theft of software, data, and hardware. Key features of McAfee Anti-Theft updates are –

McAfee Anti-Theft can trace and find

Are you apprehensive about the loss of your Ultrabook or laptop? Get this McAfee Anti-Theft update on your device to be able to trace and find device on the basis of GPS, Wi-Fi, or 3G data.

Data Protection

McAfee Anti-Theft update features on-the-fly file encryption to protect users’ personal files and data. The encryption keys being stored on the hardware of a computer, users’ data will be automatically removed when you report the event of theft. Moreover, built-in Anti-tamper technology helps prevent uninstalling the software and ensures safety of the personal data even when anyone will remove the hard disk drive or reinstall the operating system.

Lock Modes

The new update is built with other innovative features including

  • Lockdown Mode which completely disables all access to the device,
  • Stealth Mode to protect your data and allow you to find the device
  • Vacation and Repair Shop modes will allow you to defer locking functions temporarily, when required.
  • Lock methods also include a manual, user-initiated, time-based auto-lock. You can preset and configure the time to allow the software to lock the system automatically.

McAfee Anti-Theft update also alert users with a predefined, customizable lost and found message, when any users will try to start their laptop. You can control the system lock features using a web-based interface in the event of theft or loss of your computer. Using this online tool, you can view and locate the stolen device.

Tech support for updating McAfee Anti-Theft  

Do you want to update McAfee Anti-Theft software on your PC? Dial our toll-free number to get immediate and accurate tech support to update McAfee Anti-Theft software by iYogi. We support all major brands and different types of computer and we are open for 24 hours, 7 days and throughout the year. So, why wait? Call us now and give your PC the ultimate protection against theft and loss.

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