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Trend Micro® Hosted Email Security for Computer Security

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What do you mean by Trend Micro Hosted Email Security?

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security is the new antivirus software which requires no maintenance. It will update itself continuously to prevent all type of threats before they enter into your network. The software prevents all type of spam, viruses, phishing and other e-mail threats. Trend Micro has added hosted e-mail security to reduce the time spend by users on maintenance. The software offers an on-promise e-mail security. This will help the user in saving time and increasing productivity. As you go on-line, Trend Micro’s world-wide team of experts manages all updates of the software. Thus the software can deal with new emerging threats. The simplified management includes message tracking, detailed reports and end-user quarantine.

The following points will provide a better understanding of Trend Micro Hosted Email Security:

  • Enhanced computer security
  • System performance
  • System requirements

Enhanced computer security

The software performs automatic update regularly for new emerging threats. It filters correlated e-mails, websites and files and then leverages the data to identify new emerging threats and improve the existing scanning. The software can stop up to 99% of spam. The automatic updation of software gives maximum protection against e-mail based spyware attacks. The software also prevents malicious URLs embedded in your e-mail.

System performance

With this software, you can perform browsing without the fear of threats. Besides this feature, the software makes access to Internet fast. You can deliver e-mails without any delay by sitting anywhere in the world. Apart from other antivirus software, the new Trend Micro Hosted Email Security keeps your system safe from data loss during the time of scanning or at the time of browsing through Internet.

System requirements

The software requires no additional hardware or software to be installed on your system. You can use this software with a SMTP Internet connection and an access to DNS mail exchange record in your PC. The software requires Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox® 2.0 and JavaScript and Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.4 for better performance.

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