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Reviews on Vipre® Antivirus

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Product Review Summary –

Features: This antivirus and antispyware is a package of very useful tools to counter the security threats to you computer system. It helps to remove all the sensitive files from your system permanently and completely with a lot of protection. It also has a feature to remove all your browsing history and tracks to your surfing habits. It remains active against the email oriented viruses and proves to be a great shield against such emails. It also helps to control the outbound emails so that you may not transfer any risk on your friend’s computer technology.

Usability: The installation and un-installation along with interface of this software is very easy to use. The navigation and interface are very easy and could be operated by any user at all. It has a very simple option to activate the specific scans with no complexity. It keeps running the software at the back which does not require much of the user’s input.

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VIPRE Antivirus provides the best combination in terms of providing security to your computer system. It has features like antivirus, antispyware and firewall which act along with each other and provide maximum protection to your system. This software has a wide range of dimensions like Trojans, dialers, key loggers, malicious scripts, root kits and other threats of malware nature. It includes a feature like MX-Virtualization which allows this software to run sensitive files in Windows much like emulator which observes behavior. Along with it, the real time antivirus security feature safeguards your computer system in the best way.

Here are the Top 5 Features of this product:

Five- A full installation of this software takes about 16 minutes to install completely. The installation time is a bit long but it has been divided into many small easy steps which would leave no confusion for you. The software takes the storage when idle of a relatively low 9.7MB and surprisingly footprint of its scan has the same, 9.8MB. But the best thing about it that it does not slow down your PC.

Four- VIPRE Antivirus has been designed to filter all your web traffic and eliminate the malware factors out of them. It has many features that will protect your computer system like it blocks ads which are malicious or are property of third-party advertisements, blocking bad URL, prevent the access to phishing website and prevents any source of malware and virus to enter your computer system.

Three- It also delivers real time protection and monitoring against all the malware threats by the use of Active Protection. This feature is installed and works in Kernel where it will watch malware of your system and stop it completely before hand so that it would not execute its operation on your system. Along with this, VIPRE Antivirus has a feature of MX-Virtualization that has designed for the analyses of malware in real-time on your system, in a secured emulates Windows. MX-Virtualization gives a false warning to the malware that it has successfully taken over your PC. MX-Virtualization firstly observes the behavior of malware and then kills it before it can threat your system physically.

Two- It not only protects the physical components of your computer but also provides complete and comprehensive protection against spam email and viruses, with direct support for Outlook Express, Outlook and Windows Mail. SMTP and POP3 are also supported by this software.

One- Do you want to enjoy the unlimited license for home? This antivirus software gives you the unlimited license for its use which gives your PC complete protection with onetime subscription.

This spyware is the best package anyone could have to protect their computer system. With its three dimensional purposes of antivirus, antispyware and firewall along with life time license, makes it a perfect choice for any user at all.

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