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Free Sophos® Mobile Security app for Android™ devices

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Free Android antivirus for Fandroids

Sophos, the UK-based security software firm, has made its entry into the mobile security and mobile device management (MDM) space with the launch of a free mobile security app for Android devices.


Growth in Android malware shoots up to 400% in 2010 as per a mobile security study by Juniper Networks Inc. Similarly, an F-Secure study examined that the number of Android malware families almost quadrupled from 2011 to 2012.


Features of Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security app is equipped with a slew of basic security features like:

  • Safety check of installed and new apps

Sophos Mobile Security app not only checks malware presence in previously installed apps on your device and SD card but also scans the apps that you install for traces of malicious codes. The mobile security app puts harmful apps under its grey list and keeps its database updated by using SophosLabs threat intelligence from the Cloud.

  • Device lock technology

In case your Android-based smartphone gets lost or stolen, the mobile security app performs a remote lock. It also makes an attempt with the optional tracking technology to find your device.

  • Stay safe advisory

The Privacy Advisor in Sophos Mobile Security app detects apps that access personal data such as address book or text messages. It also helps you in identifying those apps that uses your device to send premium text messages or make calls.

According to Matthias Pankert, vice president of product management at Sophos,

We’re seeing no slowdown in the number of malicious apps, as more smartphone owners use their devices to not only store personal data, but also access social networks and the Internet. This usage, coupled with the increase in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) activity, is making Android devices a compelling target for cybercriminals and malware… Android users must be vigilant as the number of threats continues its rapid ascent; this is why apps like Sophos Mobile Security are becoming so much more important.

Sophos Mobile Security works on all Android devices with Version 2.2 or higher. You can download Sophos Mobile Security Free Edition from Google Play.


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