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Reinstall Antivirus To Protect Your PC From Viruses

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Reinstall a compatible antivirus on your PC to gain a comprehensive protection against the most dreaded viruses.

Our certified technicians can help you uninstall the previous version of antivirus and install a compatible antivirus on your PC. The new antivirus will be able to detect and remove viruses effectively to protect corruption of computer’s memory and Windows registry. Hence, your PC will be prevented against many issues, such as blue-screen error, slow performance, Windows Startup issue, no boot and more. A PC free from virus is also least susceptible to other Internet threats like spyware, adware and malware, which transmit personal information to remote hackers, so after the virus removal you can experience safe and secure computing apart from getting better performance.

Just give us the green light to remotely access your computer through the Internet and our certified technicians can help you to reinstall a compatible antivirus on your PC.

Call iYogi, we are available anytime 24/7 throughout the year to give you the experience of better and safe computing.

Scope of Service

Award winning tech support from iYogi includes:

  • Unlimited tech support to reinstall antivirus on your PC
  • Removing previous antivirus and reinstalling the latest compatible antivirus on your PC
  • Diagnosing memory and network connection and removing Internet threats in all possible
  • manner
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the internet
  • Skilled technicians for any types of firewall security software
iYogi’s Annual Unlimited Subscription Plan

Comprehensive support for your PC, connected devices, peripherals and over 100 software applications including:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies.
  • Troubleshooting software errors.
  • Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
  • Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.
  • Optimizing your PC’s speed and performance.

Unlimited access to great tech support, all year around. We promise the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate in the industry.

iYogi experienced and skilled tech team offers tech support for all major antivirus including Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper 2010, CA Anti-Virus Plus Anti-Spyware 2010, McAfee AntiVirus Plus, Norton™ AntiVirus 2010 and more.

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