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Not another Rogue Antivirus

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Another rogue anti-virus has hit the blocks once again. Termed as Milestone Antivirus, it has the capability of confusing users from the real and the fake antivirus. For the last couple of weeks this new virus has been eliciting users to download an antivirus. The genus of this virus behaves similarly to that of the rogue Wireshark Antivirus, which also confuses the users from the real antivirus applications and a virus.

The key characteristic of this virus is that it downloads itself without the permissions of the users. If you have been surfing on websites which do not have an adequate security certificate then you are bound to get this virus downloaded. Just like other rogue anti-virus the Milestone antivirus download is assisted by Trojans.

Once this antivirus is installed on your computer in launches itself whenever you start your operating system. It will then “pretend” to do a dubious scan of your computer which will then show a list of files that may be infected. The files that are listed are actually Microsoft Windows files which have been listed by Milestone antivirus to play a prank on your imagination. The antivirus does not give you any options to delete the detected virus, instead it displays a message that you will be only able to delete the virus of you purchase the product. Well you don’t have to worry about any infection in terms of corruption of data, as this rogue antivirus plays it easy, as it goes for your wallet and is not intent on stealing information from your PC, for the time being.

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