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Top 5 Norton® software to keep your PC secured

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Some people have the habit as well as the passion to go with the best. So, when it comes to computer security, they also opt for the best in the business. Norton is a great name in the world of computer security and therefore its products are always preferred by people with a range of needs. From Internet computer protection tools to online backup programs, you can easily find a suitable product for your security requirements. If you don’t know much about these highly useful Norton security products then here you can familiarize yourself with them. For your convenience, we have compiled the top 5 Norton software that you can use to keep your PC secured:

1.       Norton AntiVirus 2012

Norton AntiVirus 2012 gives you all that you expect from a security tool. It alerts you about harmful programs and files before you actually download them on your PC. Equipped with SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection, the software keeps an eye on the suspicious behavior of files and programs to identify and eliminate latest computer threats. It keeps you protected without slowing down your PC or without troubling you with unwanted notifications. Available for just US $39.99, Norton AntiVirus 2012 is quite easy to install and use. With a number of customizable options at your disposal, with this software you can be in complete control of your computer security.

2.       Norton Internet Security 2012

If you spend more time on the virtual space then in the real world then you certainly need an efficient Internet Security tool. That’s why Norton Internet Security 2012 can provide comprehensive protection by securing you from viruses, malware, and identity theft incidences. The software keeps you safe when you shop, socialize, or just browse on the Internet. It does a very good job by scanning e-mail and instant messages for suspicious elements, as well as identifying and blocking harmful websites before you actually visit them. Norton Internet Security 2012 gets installed on your PC just in a flash.

3.       Norton 360 Version 6.0

If you are always in a state of worry about the safety of data stored on your PC then Norton 360 Version 6.0 is what you should go for. The software detects and removes viruses and online threats and thereby eliminates the chances of data loss. It covers all the areas through which malicious threats can enter your PC and ruin your digital life. Norton 360 Version 6.0 secures and remembers your usernames and passwords, as well as assists you when you type them again. The software also enables your PC to run fast by removing unnecessary files, freeing up system memory, and tuning up system files.

4.       Norton Utilities

If the slow speed of your PC is ruining your digital life then it’s time to get it corrected. Norton Utilities is something that can help you to put your digital life on the right track in quick time. The software automatically cleans and tunes up your PC and makes it run like a brand new machine. It defragments the data stored in the hard drive and repairs the system registry for enhanced performance. If you accidently delete any file then also you can make use of Norton Utilities to recover it.

5.       Norton Ghost

Now, finally we reach to the fifth most useful Norton software for your PC. Although not exactly a security software, but Norton Ghost does it bit by automatically securing your files, photos, videos, and other stuff that matters to you a lot. If you are using the software on a Windows 7 PC then it integrates well with the operating system and safeguards your data through drive encryption and integrity checking. The software compresses the disk space allowing you to store large amount of data in less space.

So, use these fantastic Norton software programs on your PC and take its security to an entirely new level.

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