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iYogi Provides Information on Norton® 360 Version 4.0 for Virus Protection

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Internet has provided lots of opportunities to run and do businesses i.e. ecommerce, online banking

Know more about Norton 360 Version 4.0 for virus protection

among others; however it has also provided a haven for malicious users to try and infect your system other than stealing your valuable confidential data. Malicious threats such as spyware, phishing websites, Trojans, and hackers can be avoided and removed by using Norton 360 version 4.0 viruses protection software.

Discussed here are the usability, performance, and effect of updating Norton 360 Version 4.0:

  • Usability of the product
  • How this software helps to guard against viruses?
  • Updating the software
Usability of the product

Norton 360 Version 4.0 provides one with the capability of backup and restores options of user data and applications that ensure that the integrity of the user’s information is upheld in the event of a virus attack. When using a wireless home network, one is assured of a peace of mind as the software continually monitors the network activities and delivers total protection to your laptop when accessing a public wireless hotspot against unauthorized intruders. An added benefit is the free e-mail, chat, and phone support in regard to the software.

How this software helps to guard against viruses?

The core protection feature ensures that virus threats i.e. Trojans, spyware, worms, viruses, and other malicious malwares are detected and eliminated before they can cause havoc to your system. The fear of hackers having access to your system is guaranteed by the intelligence scan that continually checks your personal information from being stolen. The advanced protection feature utilizes the real time protection feature – SONAR technology to detect emerging threats even before the definition updates are made available. User identities are protected against phishing websites by authenticating popular shopping and banking websites. Whenever giving out personal details on the web, the application secures, and manages the log in details to guard against keyloggers with automatic log in and form filling capabilities. The PC tunes up tool helps to search for and fix problems that may be causing slow Internet access on top to repairing and fixing Windows registry errors. Traces of surfing history i.e. cookies, and temporary files are automatically cleaned each time the user exits the browser. This gives the added advantage of clearing one’s footsteps of activities done on the web.

Updating the software

Regular updates are provided to help update the definition files in Norton 360 Version 4.0. Viruses and other spywares are known to change their features making them impossible to detect. With regular updates, the definition files are updated to ensure that the software can figure out the activities of malicious threats within the system and block them before they can cause adverse effect. Failure to update the application leaves the user and the system vulnerable to emerging threats.

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