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Norman® Personal Firewall For Windows® 7

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What are the various features of Norman Personal Firewall for Windows® 7?

Norman Personal Firewall protects the computer from intruders and hackers. It is also detects spyware and adware. It could be used with Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7. Norman Personal Firewall is recommended for ease of use, ease of installation, reliability and better help & support. Furthermore it protects the computer from hackers, prevents the viewers from offensive contents and has an easier customization with the predefined rules.

The following points will provide a better understanding of Norman Personal Firewall and performance issues in Windows® 7 :

  • Features and system requirements of Norman Personal Firewall
  • Benefits of using Norman Personal Firewall with Windows® 7
  • Compatibility and performance issues of Norman Personal firewall
Features and requirements of Norman Personal Firewall

Norman Personal Firewall is a powerful security program which uses port stealth technology to make the personal computer undetectable to the hackers. It provides hacker protection, stateful inspection, advanced log utility, two-way traffic control, compatibility with other security software and adjustable configuration as per the user. It could be installed with Windows® XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7. This security software works better in 1.8Gz x64/x86 processor, 2GB RAM and 1024X768 resolution. It has self-protection that prevents the malware programs terminating the firewall.

Benefits of using Norman Personal Firewall with Windows® 7

Norman Personal Firewall has been identified a simple, non-nonsense and reliable firewall for Windows® 7 personal computers by different experts. It has two-way firewall filters for both incoming and outgoing connections. It is a better personal firewall solution for Windows®7, because the built-in Windows® firewall doesn’t have the two-way protection. Two-way protection ensures the identity of incoming data as well as prevents the computer from being used by hackers to launch attacks to other computers. Since Norman Personal Firewall provides compatibility and support to other security software such as antivirus; it is a feasible personal firewall solution to Windows® 7 operating system.

Compatibility and performance issues of Norman Personal firewall

Norman Personal Firewall has a very simple wizard-based installer. There are different wizards for experienced and inexperienced user. User can easily setup the software with less compatibility issues from the help of these wizards. The wizard asks which programs and browsers are used regularly, and allow the user to define access permissions. Norman Personal Firewall is cooperative with other security software like antivirus and antispyware applications. So user can setup this product in Windows® computers along with any third party security software except another firewall. It may not offer quite the same level of protection as other standalone firewalls, but Norman Personal Firewall is perfect for anyone new to firewall applications by its simplicity.

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