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McAfee® SnapZip Removal Tool

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The general issue every individual who uses a computer has to face is the security software removal as

How to uninstall McAfee® SnapZip using a removal tool. Other ways of uninstalling the software?

the software is tightly bound with the operating system. The same problem arises for McAfee® products. McAfee® has been one of the highly trusted brands when the matter comes to one’s computer and its network security. It offers antivirus software products to provide total security solutions. SnapZip is a tool from McAfee® to zip and unzip files quickly. McAfee® SnapZip removal tool is used to uninstall this software when regular methods, like the use of ‘Add/Remove Programs’ fail to remove the same from the system.

  • Uninstalling McAfee® SnapZip with ‘Add/Remove Programs’
  • Download the McAfee® SnapZip removal tool
  • Final cleaning up if “Cleanup Unsuccessful” message is displayed
Uninstalling McAfee® SnapZip with ‘Add/Remove Programs’

Uninstall McAfee® SnapZip with the help of the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ option available in ‘Control Panel’ in Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP. Click on the ‘Start’ menu, select ‘Settings’, and then go to ‘Control Panel’. Then double-click on the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ option. Then select the product in ‘McAfee Security Center’ that you want to uninstall and click on remove.

Download the McAfee® SnapZip removal tool

Download the McAfee® consumer products (MCPR.exe) and run it. Download the removal tool. Click on ‘Save’ and save the file on to your computer. Then, navigate to that particular folder which has the saved file. Ensure all windows of McAfee® are closed. Then, double-click on ‘MCPR.exe’ for running of the removal tool. Note: For Windows Vista®, right-click on ‘MCPR.exe’ and then select to run as ‘Administrator’. Reboot the computer after receiving the message “Cleanup successful”. It is to be kept in mind that the product will not be removed completely if the system is not rebooted.

Final cleaning up if “Cleanup Unsuccessful” message is displayed

Click on the dialog notification of “Cleanup Unsuccessful” message, and then click on the ‘View Logs’ option. Click on ‘File’, then click on ‘Save as’, and save the file to the desktop by naming the file as ‘MCPR_date.txt’.

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