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McAfee Registry Power Cleaner

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McAfee Registry Power Cleaner will repair PC errors in the registry. In addition, it will also stabilize the system for better performance and will improve overall speed of the computer. Moreover, it will search the virus threats that are hidden in PC and prevent the occurrence of crashes.


McAfee Registry Power Cleaner is immensely used to eliminate the system crashes and increase speed of the system. It highly scans the PC deep to freeze all the problems related to error is registry, thus leading to the crashing of the system.

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This software is essentially for cleaning of the registry in the PC to make it run faster and provide better performance.

 Top 5 Features of McAfee Registry Power Cleaner

1. Safely repairs registry error

It is especially designed to carry out the scanning of PC perfectly to locate all the registry errors that are causing system crashing. It will immediately freeze them and bring back the required stability for the system.

2. Fast scanning

The scanning of PC with this software is very efficient. It is integrated with 16 powerful features of deep scanning to locate the registry errors that are otherwise very difficult to be traced. The fast scanning feature of this tool is undoubtedly incomparable.

3. Incorporated with fully automatic and instant backup

It will automatically carry out the back up of PC’s registry. It will instantly bring about the significant improvement in the overall speed of the computer.

4. Increases speed and performance of PC

This tool will make a superb cleaning of registry. It will effectively remove all the entries that are invalid in addition to the shortcuts which are broken.

5. Very comfortable for utilization

McAfee Registry Power Cleaner is specifically very easy to be used by the user. It will be compatible with the operating systems of Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2000 Pro and Windows 7. Moreover, after setting it will automatically carry out the registry cleaning, providing real ease to the user.

Registry in PC includes the files that are not needed, the references which are orphaned and the junks that truly slow down working of the PC. Thus, this tool is the best software that can avail back the stability of PC by increasing the efficiency of the system through deep and systematic cleaning of the registry.

It is the complete solution for the complete cleaning of the registry error in PC. The user can invariably avail the true help of iYogi who can offer its interested customers McAfee Antivirus support. Thus, we suggest that it is the most preferable choice for the user to opt for this tool and make their PC work better.

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