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McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool

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The need and benefits of using the removal tool to uninstall McAfee® Rapid IE®.

McAfee® Rapid IE® is a very popular software utility that is used to dramatically increase the speed of any Internet connection. By using a variety of techniques, including caching the IP address of frequently visited pages, opening up 10 connections to a page instead of the standard 2, and organizing connection in an intelligent manner, it can make an Internet connection twice as fast. This popular software is becoming more and more prevalent.

  • What is the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool?
  • What Problems can Installing the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool Cause?
  • What Problems can Using the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool Cause?

What is the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool?

Doing all of what is stated above requires the software to have a large amount of privileges. In fact, in some cases, this software has more privileges than the user who installed it. This means that the files are downloaded very deep within the operating system, making it incredibly difficult to remove McAfee® Rapid IE®. The Windows®’s ‘Add/Remove Programs’ utility will simply not do. Therefore, many users have to use a separate piece of software, a removal tool, to uninstall McAfee® Rapid IE®.

What Problems can Installing the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool Cause?

There is no official or publicly supported version of this removal tool, and yet it remains the best way to remove the software. This alone can cause a large number of problems. In many cases, it can be difficult to sort out the good from the bad and to figure out whether a given removal tool is malicious or not. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get any removal tool to install, as they require increased privileges, similar to what the software itself requires.

What Problems can Using the McAfee® Rapid IE® Removal Tool Cause?

Since there is no official version, running these removal tools can cause a huge number of problems. One may find that the removal tool is a virus or is a poorly coded program. It can easily screw up the user’s Internet connection, as it has to undo the changes to the Internet connection that Rapid IE® might have made in the first place. These are very complicated tasks, and are very easy to bungle. If messed up, they can permanently damage the user’s computer.

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