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McAfee® Online Backup

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Features: McAfee Online Backup is software for utmost convenience of user. It will instantly, simply and essentially offer backup copies of all files. It will make all backup copies to get stored safely in a secured place. It will eventually keep the files secured from identity thefts.

Usability: McAfee Online Backup is a tool to keep the backup copies of all the files whether open or locked, safe from online disasters like crash of PC, loss, theft or even natural disaster caused to PC. It will offer the convenient access to the digital files via the Internet.

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McAfee Online Backup is helpful software that keeps the user safe from online disasters. It carries out backup copies of all the files in spite of them being open or locked and eventually stores them safely in a secured place.

Here is a review of the Top 5 Features of this product:

FIVE – Essential system requirements : This software requires Windows XP [32 bit] with Service Pack 1 [SP1] or above, Windows Vista [32 or 64 bit], Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 [SP1] and Windows 7 [32 or 64 bit], and internet connection of high speed, Internet Explorer 6 or above, Chrome and Firefox 2 and above.

FOUR – Delivers instant and automatic safety :This software offers hassle free manual backup of all files. It essentially works to backup email of Microsoft Outlook and family photos that are to be treasured. However, this fully automated tool will make files encrypted and secures them safely on an online remote server.

THREE -Integrated with many benefits :This tool offers many benefits; easy and automatic backup, safe storage offsite and access online, encryption of copies for security, unlimited storage and last but not least if offers highest protection of files for the utmost convenience of user.

TWO-Works efficiently :This software offers file backup essentially when PC is idle or at intervals that are usually predetermined. It utilizes 128-bit SSC encryption and 448-bit Blowfish encryption keeping private data of the user completely safe from all cybercriminals.

One-Delivers effective backup :This tool delivers updated backup by detecting and saving each and every change. In addition, it saves copies of outlook emails and all contacts automatically. Avails backup of all copies whether locked or open. And eventually backup of all files to an offsite server which is secured and accessible when online.

McAfee Online Backup is truly specialized software. It keeps the files secured by availing simple and instant automatic backup and stores them safely. It integrates efficient encryption systems to keep the user completely safe and secured.

This simple to install and easy to use software is especially designed for providing safe backup of all the files for the user. It encrypts them safely and stores them securely. However, the interested users can easily acquire more information on this product from iYogi who can also offer its total technical assistance for this efficient tool. We strongly recommend those interested in McAfee as their preferred security provider; visit our McAfee User’s Destination.

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