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McAfee® Advanced Vista Optimizer Review

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Advanced Vista Optimizer is a antivirus software introduced by McAfee. It is one of the most popular and highly used Antivirus software. It is embedded with numerous features. It also includes numerous system-tweaking and configuration tools. All these advanced features cover the bases which include program prefetching and the proprietary superfetching, disk and Registry defragging, optimization adjustments for performance, memory, and hardware, file splitter and joiner, startup and shutdown tweaks, and an uninstaller etc.


The McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer is one of the convenient and handy that offers elegant performance. This software program is available as different versions. This is a cabinet embedded with tools that helps users to solve various system issues, which make your system, its resources and operating system work less efficiently. It offers best usability with its clean looking window and quick menu system. The installation process of this application is a very easy process.

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The McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer is highly performing Antivirus software that offers excellent features. This Antivirus utility provides initial scan and the subsequent cleanup processes to keep the system and its resources clean and safe. It runs with Operating System such as Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows XP SP 2. This software is mainly designed for home and Office purposes. The McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer safeguards the data stored in the system from latest malicious infections. It helps users to protect the information and enhances security as well as privacy. Improved spam protection, junk mail filtering and cleaning, protection from virus, adware and spyware are some of the facilities offered by this product. Using single click users could perform advanced scans and clean-up process. This scan process rounds up all optimization features except for defragmentation. Some of the features included with this software are like Disk Defragment, Junk file cleaner, Privacy protector, File Encryptor etc.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – System optimizationMcAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer includes a powerful option for system optimization. For this purpose the system is being equipped with settings like Prefetch and Superfetch settings. With the help of these settings, users could attain quick data accesses and in turn improves the speed and performance of system. It also has the capability to unload DDL files from memory in order to free the resources. By freeing more memory using Memory Optimizer, it boost up the speed and performance of the system.
  • FOUR – Disk DefragmentUsing this disk defragment you could improve the speed and performance of your system. This program is designed to take out fragmented pieces of files and to put them together to make it easier for your hard drive to find it. Hence, it makes access of the files easy for the hard disk. When the capacity of hard disk is increased its speed also increases.
  • THREE – Junk file cleanerThe McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer includes integrated junk file cleaner. This feature allows users to detect and eliminate the junk mails and obsolete files. This feature is designed to reduce the unwanted e-mail and spam messages presented in your system. Junk file cleaner, helps in cleaning junk files. This feature performs automatic e-mail attachment scans and also scans the downloaded files.
  • TWO – Privacy protectorPrivacy protection feature is another feature included within this software. This keeps all data stored in the system as private data. The privacy protection feature helps in removing history, and also prevents from hackers. It, in turn, protects the data from hacking and prevents the accessing of personal information. It also protects the system from latest infections like virus, adwares and spywares. Privacy is also increased with the help of File Encryptor.
  • ONE –  FirewallMcAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer uses Windows platform to perform its operation. It improves system security and safeguards the saved data. It includes firewall capabilities that could be enabled and disabled. This firewall option helps to protect systems from unauthorized online frauds that are connected locally or via network. The firewall not only blocks the malicious infections from entering to the computer, but also blocks access to unauthorized sites.

Users are recommended to use McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer since it provides high security and privacy to system, its resources and the data saved in it. It also improves system speed and performance. The McAfee Advanced Vista Optimizer is one of the best Antivirus software used by people all over the world.

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