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Malwarebytes’® StartUpLite

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Malwarebytes’ StartUpLite helps to solve the problem of slow startup and boot times that often leave many PC users frustrated. The startup process is something that every computer user would like to speed up, and this application provides a safe and easy method of doing precisely that.

This lightweight utility allows you to quickly and easily stop unnecessary applications and processes that launch when your system boots up, dramatically increasing your computer’s startup time.

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Malwarebytes’ StartUpLite is an extremely lightweight and easy to use utility that has the potential to dramatically increase the startup times on every system. While there are many similar software options that take various routes of achieving similar results, this application is able to provide a solution that even the most inexperienced PC user can take advantage of. You will be able to drastically shorten boot up times with just a few clicks of your mouse and not have to worry about difficult configuration options that might end up harming your system.

Here are the Top 5 features of this product

FIVE-Simplistic User Interface :The simplicity of the user interface and overall process of disabling useless startup processes to increase startup speeds is made extremely easy with its intuitive

FOUR-Application Process Descriptions :The Application Process Descriptions provided by this utility make it easy to make sure you don’t delete startup applications and processes that are vital to your system or that you just otherwise don’t want to delete. You will also get a description of how certain applications may affect your system if disabled.

THREE-Easy to Use Check Boxes :Rather than having to disable each at a time or all application processes at once, each will have three check boxes including No Action, Remove, and Disable. Simply check your preference for each application than click to continue.

TWO-Link to Msconfig :Many similar software solutions leave users frustrated with no clue how to restore application startup processes once they have been disabled. This is why the link provided to the Msonfig makes restoring processes with this application easy.

ONE-Disable Multiple Applications in One Click :The ability to disable multiple applications in a single click with this application makes the entire process much more stress free for inexperienced users in comparison to similar programs.

Malwarebytes’ StartUpLite provides a single mouse click solution to the extremely common problem of slow startup times that plagues the majority of PC users. By simply checking your preference of disabling, removing, or taking no action on each application startup process, you can disable useless applications and increase speed up time with a click of your mouse. This application is recommended for home and business PC users. Those who already have Malwarebytes’ as their preferred security provider should also visit our Malwarebytes’ User’s Destination.

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