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Lavasoft® File Shredder

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The Lavasoft File Shredder is essentially like a traditional, paper shredder, but for the files on your PC. Simply deleting files and data on your computer or reformatting your hard drive will not guarantee that the data has actually been removed from your system completely. This application will allow you to permanently remove data from your system making it unrecoverable.

The convenient shredding bin feature provides an easy to access icon for virtually “shredding” data making it extremely easy to use. Right-click menu integration makes the process of permanently deleting files easier than conventionally deleting a file.

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The Lavasoft File Shredder offers an extremely easy to use and intuitive experience for permanently deleting data that you would prefer to keep private. You, like the average PC user, probably don’t realize that the majority of files you “delete” with the conventional recycle bin function are still stored on your hard drive. This application uses seven rounds of overwriting and ensures all of your sensitive data, as well as useless files simply taking up space, is removed from your system indefinitely.

Here is a review of the Top 5 Features of this product:

FIVE- “Shredding Bin”:The “Shredding Bin” feature makes using the application extremely user-friendly and intuitive by putting an icon on your desktop that works much the same way as the conventional Windows recycle bin.

FOUR- Remove “previous versions”:The remove “previous versions” feature will allow you to easily detect the “previous versions” that are automatically saved by Windows and taking up precious space. These files are hidden in Windows Vista but are easily to detect and remove with this feature.

THREE- The Clean up your computing history feature allows for quick and easy removal of files and data stored from any tasks performed online. It will also allow you to remove hard to find files such as messenger chat history and other internet related data.

TWO- The qualitative reporting option provides an easy way to document the data that you have deleted with the Lavasoft File Shredder.

ONE- The Military and government approved security standards allow the Lavasoft File Shredder to take advantage of the Department of Defense shredding algorithm that uses seven rounds of overwriting.

Lavasoft File Shredder is a powerful solution to permanently removing unwanted data that is often left behind on your hard drive after deleting it through the Windows recycle bin. This is definitely a great option for all inexperienced and advanced PC users as well as small corporate environments. Those who already have Lavasoft as their preferred security provider should also visit our Lavasoft User Guide.

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