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How does Kaspersky® Mobile Security offer protection solutions for Windows® Vista computer systems?

Mobile phones are very essential personal users and corporate environment. Using mobile phones, you save essential messages and complete an important task by connecting to the Internet. Hence, it functions as a small computer device to do most of you administrative and personal tasks. Hence, with important information and contacts on your mobile phones, you need to invest on mobile security. This is where Kaspersky® Mobile Security software can effectively protect your mobile device and keep your information safe. Confidential information on your phone can be kept safe using Kaspersky® Mobile Security, which provides full proof protection and serves mobile phone user needs.

Here are some of the features of Kaspersky® Mobile Security and the advantages of having it on your Windows® Vista computer systems:

  • Encryption technology, anti-spam and parental control features
  • Privacy protection
  • Anti theft
Encryption technology, anti-spam and parental control features

Kaspersky® Mobile Security utilizes an encryption feature that provides a reinforced level of protection. You can customize and choose the folders on your mobile phone that you want to encrypt and protect using a password. You do not need to worry about files on your memory card as these files cannot be accessed through hackers and online strangers. Kaspersky® Mobile Security also includes an anti-spam feature that helps you white list or black list a contact. Using the Kaspersky® Mobile Security with parental control feature blocks any unwanted outgoing call or SMS to specific contacts. It also has a GPS tecfhnology that can also tell a parent location of his/her child.

Privacy protection

Kaspersky® Mobile Security boasts of a new privacy protection feature. By just marking a contact as private, no traces of that particular contact will appear on the mobile phone. If people desire to check your phone, they will only see what you want them to see. You can also change your status both manually and automatically or just send an SMS to activate the privacy features on the phone.


The anti-theft feature of the Kaspersky® Mobile Security will protect your information from being accessed. By just sending a predetermined message to the phone, Kaspersky® Mobile Security will shut the mobile phone down, preventing the data from being seen. In some cases, you can opt for the ‘Wipe’ functionality that removes data.

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