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Kaspersky® KryptoStorage Review

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Product Review Summary –

Features: Kaspersky KryptoStorage is a system for the cryptographic protection of confidential data developed by Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky KryptoStorage is intended for use by home users as well as small business firms. This product password protects confidential and vital information against unauthorized access and prevents data leakage.

Usability: Kaspersky KryptoStorage creates virtual folders and volumes to store confidential data and protects all data on disk volumes including the system and boot volumes: flash drives and other USB mass storage devices.

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Kaspersky KryptoStorage is used to restrict access to confidential data which only be viewed by a selected number of people or only accessed on a need-to-know basis. The product allows you to create protected volumes and folders where important information contained in this folders and volumes is stored in an encrypted form. The automatic data is automatically decrypted in the RAM (Random Access Memory) when requested and the uploaded data is encrypted.

Here are the Top 5 features of this product:

FIVE- TRANSPARENT ENCRYPTION: Transparent Encryption is a mechanism which enables the data you store in a protected area to be in an encrypted format. Data is encrypted with the 128 – bit AES algorith approved by the International Cryptographic Community. The encryption key is generated from your password.

FOUR- PROTECTED VIRTUAL FOLDERS: Protected virtual folders are special NTFS folders which you can create using the system to store all you confidential information. All data you place into this protected virtual folders is automatically protected. You can use this folder just as any common NTFS folder but its contents are protected in an encrypted format.

THREE- PROTECTED VIRTUAL VOLUMES: Protected virtual volumes are specified files you can create using the system which can be used as a virtual disk. The volumes can be copied, recorded, emailed or moved to another computer where the product is installed.

TWO- SYSTEM DISK PROTECTION: The protection of the system disk allows you to keep RAM contents which are saved to your disk safe when the system hibernates. Your crash dump data saved to your hard disk when a total error occurs is also protected. Data in temporary files and swap files is also protected.

ONE- PREVENTS DELETION OF PROTECTED DATA: This product prevents deltion of protected data from accidental or intended deletion by limiting access to protected container, volumes and folders.

With Kaspersky KryptoStorage you will be able to protect all your confidential data stored in your PC from unauthorized access. The product allow you to protect all you vital files even if your PC files are wiped out clean, maliciously or accidentally. This product is ideal for PC’s for home users’ as well small business firms. Those who already have Kaspersky as their preferred security provider should also visit our Kaspersky User Guide.

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