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Review of Kaspersky® Hosted Security Services

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Kaspersky Hosted Security Services provide easy to use tools for the management of the web security. The tool is better suitable for the purpose of integrating internal business processes. Another feature of the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services is the high value service they provide. Multi-layered security is guaranteed to the user along with top class anti-malware protection.


The usability of Kaspersky Hosted Security Services is in preventing email and other web based threats. The security solution provided with the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services enables better and combined protection against the latest security attacks. Filtering of contents on the web based on their nature and enabling safe usage of web services is possible with the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services.

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Kaspersky Hosted Security Services provide world class security solutions to the users and different organizations. The security tool help user in providing complete and integrated security for their business needs. The business productivity can thus be increased with low cost solutions offered with the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services. The complete solution package can be divided as Kaspersky Hosted E-mail Security and Kaspersky Hosted Web Security. As the threat due to the various malicious items increases, the user systems and organizations are in high danger of being exposed to these kinds of problems. In order to secure the computers and networks from such issues, Kaspersky Hosted Security Services provide a better choice for the users.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – E-mail securityThe Kaspersky Hosted E-mail Security tools provide better protection mechanisms for the users in solving the various issues with the E-mail threats. The tool includes world class protection options for filtering and deploying the network security threats. The E-mail security is guaranteed with the help of the malware protection mechanisms provided along with the product.
  • FOUR – Web securityThe Kaspersky Hosted Web Security solutions provide high value security for all kinds of web based threats and attacks that are affecting computers. The attacks ranges from malwares, viruses etc to the newly found known and unknown threats. Web security tool provide better protection against those threats through the cloud based and anti-malware technology included by Kaspersky.
  • THREE – Anti-malware protectionAnti-malware protection offered with the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services guarantee better protection against malware attacks on the computer upon which the tool is included. The defense mechanism enables all kinds of malwares that are found over the web. The malware prevention technologies available with the Kaspersky security tools are included with the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services.
  • TWO – Low maintenance costOne reason for low maintenance cost of Kaspersky Hosted Security Services is the cloud based services provided by Kaspersky Lab. Minimum management is needed for the tool while using with the organizations and also the additional cost can be neglected. Thus world class protection technology is offered with minimum cost of use. The extra hardware is also not required and thus can reduce the cost.
  • ONE –  Filtering contentsThe filtering mechanism is carried out on the Kaspersky Hosted Security Services with the help of malware and e-mail defending tools. As a result dynamic filtering of contents is possible with the tool. The filtering mechanism enables protection according to the web policies defined. The inappropriate contents will be removed or prevented from entering the system. As a result network performance increases and the business firm gains productivity.

Kaspersky Hosted Security Services provide better solution against the various threats over the web within limited costs. The protection mechanisms are all based on the Kaspersky Security Lab technology and thus ensure effective security.

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