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Install Antivirus on Windows and Protect your PC Against Harmful Viruses

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Microsoft understands the need of safeguarding your PC against bad things from hackers, viruses, worms, and spyware to many other types of malware. To help guard your PC against these harmful things in real time, Microsoft has in-built its latest versions Windows 8 and Windows RT with antivirus programs like Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen.

But if you have been running an older Windows version, installing good anti-virus software becomes a MUST thing for your PC to keep it protected against malicious viruses and identity thefts.

Check out the below given easy steps to install antivirus on Windows to protect your PC from bad stuffs:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Security Essentials website
  2. Download a free antivirus program for your Windows
  3. Click on Save to save your Downloaded file to a folder
  4. Now, Double-Click on the file to Open a Setup Wizard
  5. Click Next on the Setup Wizard to begin the installation process
  6. The installation process is self-explanatory, so just follow the steps it gives you
  7. Check the box if a prompt appears on your screen to turn on the Windows Firewall
  8. After the installation is done, it will ask you to run a scan
  9. You just hit Yes and it will run the scan for your latest antivirus software
  10. Once everything has finished, Restart your computer to complete the installation

Here, you have successfully installed latest antivirus software on your Windows. Now, the installed antivirus will run in the background, constantly protecting your computer for any newly arrived viruses. If the antivirus program tracks down any harmful thing, it will let you know and guide you through the process to kill that stuff.
You can also schedule your installed antivirus on Windows to run a scan. Just make sure your computer is running at the scheduled time.
To keep the safeguard process for your PC active, it is recommended to go for an antivirus program with an automatic update capability. As your program is updated, it automatically adds new viruses to its list of viruses to check for, keeping your computer safe against new virus attacks. Your computer will be vulnerable to new threats, even if the list of viruses is out of date.

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