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Antivirus Installation

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Antivirus installation is and should ideally be the first task you take on hand once you have your PC set up. Without equipping your PC with good antivirus software, it will forever remain prone to virus and malware attacks and also other external threats. Even if you are a cautious PC user (don’t access questionable websites, don’t click on unsolicited links, etc.), you still cannot undermine the potential and extent to which virus and malware can cause you harm. If this has rung a bell and you are now considering antivirus installation, read this article to know about it all.

What to do before you install antivirus program:

  • There are a host of antivirus solutions available in the market, before you decide on a particular one to install, check the functions and features of all and see which will best suit your requirements
  • You can opt for antivirus installation via the Internet or using the set up CD
  • Check with the particular program if your PC needs to meet with any special system requirement
  •  Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation process
  •  You can download the trial version of antivirus program and use it to understand its capacity; once you are satisfied, you can download/ purchase the full retail version of the same
  • Never download antivirus from any random message or pop up that you may come across while surfing the Internet

What to do after you have installed antivirus program:

  • Scan your PC to check if it is already infected with virus or malware
  • Set the automated scan mode on the security program to offer you protection, even when you may least expect a threat
  •  Enable the automatic update feature of the security program to ensure that there is never a security lapse
  • Keep a check on the latest security threats that are prevalent and make sure that the antivirus installed on your PC is designed to fight such content
  • Use strong username and password combinations to cover your security program
  •  Play a safe Internet user and also educate other members of your family and group on the same, particularly if you are sharing your PC and peripherals

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