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Update G-Data AntiVirus in Windows 7

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G-Data AntiVirus needs to be updated on a regular basis because when you update G-Data AntiVirus the virus definitions on G-Data AntiVirus also get updated. Virus definitions on your antivirus software should always be updated because they’re the only source of information about the threats that need to be fought by the software. Have you updated G-Data AntiVirus on your computer after installing it? Do you know how to update G-Data AntiVirus on your Windows 7 computer? Here’s how you can do that in a few simple steps:

1. Ensure that your machine is online
2. Right click on the G Data AntiVirus 2011 icon on the right hand corner of the task bar
3. Select ‘Virus Update’ from the menu that appears
4. Click on ‘Update’ in the ‘Updates’ panel
5. Wait for the completion of the update
6. Click on ‘Close’ and close the window

Once you update G-Data AntiVirus on your computer you can be sure that your computer is safer than it was before!

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