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Review on Fortinet® Antivirus

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Fortinet Antivirus from Fortinet Inc. integrates lots of features to increase the performance of the product. Fortinet Antivirus incorporates Advanced Signature and Heuristic Detection Engines to provide real time protection against all kind of security attacks. Fortinet Antivirus offers a multilayer security protection against both new and existing viruses, malwares and other spywares. Another feature integrated in Fortinet Antivirus is FortiASIC content processor which offers signature scanning and anomaly protection.


Fortinet Antivirus is one of the reliable and affordable products from Fortinet Inc. There are lots of features integrated in Fortinet which increases the usability of the product. Fortinet Antivirus can be used in both small and multi-gigabit networks. Another feature is its automatic update. Fortinet Antivirus updates the antivirus signature automatically. Fortinet Antivirus can be used to provide protection in remote desktop computers, smart phones and mobile laptops with its FortiClient end point security.

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Fortinet Antivirus is one of the latest antivirus protection software that provides lots of security modules for the user to enjoy. Fortinet Antivirus can be installed in most of the operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. Fortinet Antivirus offers real time protection against all kind of malicious attacks such as viruses, worms, Trojans etc. Fortinet Antivirus products have firewall, antispam functionality, antispyware functionality and Content Filter features. Fortinet Antivirus is suitable for the advanced and experienced users because of its high functionalities integrated in the product. Fortinet Antivirus is affordable products which are also available in trial versions. Another feature of Fortinet Antivirus is its simple installation. It can be installed into your computer within few hours.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Content InspectionFortinet Antivirus Technologies offers lots of advanced features to make the Fortinet Antivirus different from other products. Content Inspection, the advanced feature integrated in Fortinet Antivirus products provides protection within HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. And it also support the compressed file formats. VPN connection and common Tunneling Protocols can be protected with Content Inspection of Fortinet Antivirus. The antivirus provides security from entry level application to core network and data applications.
  • FOUR – Security and Networking functionsFortinet Antivirus products offer wide range of security and networking function to provide real time protection. Fortinet Antivirus integrates VPN, Firewall and Traffic Shaping functionalities. Intrusion Prevention Technology integrated in Fortinet Antivirus products protects the computer from all web attacks such as viruses, malwares, spywares, etc. Fortinet Antivirus incorporates several other features to protect the system from network attacks. VoIP support, IPv6 support, Application Control and Layer 2/3 routing are other functionalities integrated in Fortinet Antivirus.
  • THREE – Profile SettingsProfile Settings is one of the advanced feature integrated in Fortinet Antivirus which makes the product different from other antivirus products. Users can decide what level of scrutiny that they want to apply while the data is transferring though the device, that is they can control the traffic passing. This feature allows the user to assign the functionalities that should be performed such as detection of spam while transferring the data.
  • TWO – Easy-to-UseFortinet Antivirus can be easily installed into the system. One of the benefits of Fortinet Antivirus is its simple graphical user interface. Fortinet Antivirus can be easily configured in our system. The options and settings are given in a way that even an average user can interact with the product. Most of the actions can be performed by a single click .There is no need to update the product, Fortinet provides automatic updates.
  • ONE –  Miscellaneous FeaturesOne of the major benefits of Fortinet Antivirus products is its ASIC based hardware design which offers scalable protection. Centralized Management and Reporting makes Fortinet Antivirus products efficient. The Security Zone and Virtual Domain features reduce the overall expenditure for antivirus protection. Fortinet reduces the total cost of ownership with its simple single and unlimited user licensing agreement. Another feature of Fortinet antivirus product is its Transparent, Route and NAT modes.

Fortinet Antivirus product is a reliable product. Fortinet products integrate lots of networking and security functionalities to provide real time protection. Fortinet Antivirus is also available in trial version.

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