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Antivirus FAQs

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  • What is an Antivirus software?
    Antivirus is a computer program which is used to protect a PC from malicious threats, including virus and worms.
  • Why do I need an antivirus program?
    In order to keep your computer healthy and enhance its security you must install an antivirus program.
  • Do I need both an antivirus & antispyware program to get the complete protection?
    To enhance your computer security it is recommended that you install both an antivirus and an antispyware on your PC. Or, you should install a program that provides protection against both – viruses and spyware.
  • What is the “Automatic Update” feature in an antivirus software?
    Automatic Update feature in an antivirus allows you to download the latest updates automatically. To use this feature, you must have an Internet connection. To activate this tool just start the program and click on the Update button.
  • How can I keep my antivirus program up-to-date?
    You must download and install latest updates for your antivirus program on a regular basis to keep it up-to-date. If your antivirus program came with your new computer, you can download free updates for a certain period of time. After that you need to pay some amount to get the latest updates for the program.
  • Why do I need to update antivirus program regularly?
    New viruses and malware programs are developed constantly. To counter this threat, manufacturers of antivirus programs create enhanced measures on a regular basis. In order to protect your computer against the latest viruses and malwares, it is strictly recommended that you update your antivirus program on regular intervals.
  • Can I run multiple antivirus programs on my computer at the same time?
    Running multiple antivirus programs on a computer is not recommended as it might create conflicts.
  • How do I get antivirus software?
    An antivirus program can be purchased directly through the Internet or from a shop. Although, the demo versions of antivirus software can be downloaded from the Internet, it will work for a limited period.
  • If I have antivirus software installed on my PC, do I still need a firewall program?
    Yes! A firewall will defend you from unauthorized attempts to access your computer.
  • How does an antivirus work?

    An antivirus scans and removes computer viruses and other malicious threats from a system. Antivirus program generally uses two different methods to accomplish this:

    • It scans files to look for known viruses by means of a virus dictionary.
    • It checks for any suspicious program which might indicate an infection.

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