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Comodo® System-Cleaner Virus Scan

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Get to know about the Comodo System-Cleaner virus scan

The new emerged viruses, besides the well-known ones, have increased the need for a most efficient protection against them. Comodo System-Cleaner comes with new advanced technologies to help the user keep their computers safely away from malicious threats, unsafely websites, spyware, identity theft, and other threats.

A few updates and features of Comodo System-Cleaner are discussed in the following points:

  • Benefits and tips
  • Features
  • Updates
Benefits and tips

Comodo System-Cleaner has the ability to remove all known threats, both from desktops or networks. Based on smart technologies and the multi-layered approach of virus attacks, it monitors all the applications inside the computer but, at the same time, it monitors the incoming and outgoing online traffic, as well.
This advanced structure assures a great protection against security attacks. First, it assures a more watchful control of the online traffic. Then, it manages access of the programs at the central unit of the system. The suspected files are prevented from accessing it. The third way by which it provides protection is restriction of the access to the important and the most sensitive areas of the system.
The only weak point of this software is its lack of spam adjusts. But, even if it doesn’t contain a virus scan, it is efficient enough to assure a complete protection against viruses.


This software contains a Host Intrusion Prevention System, designed to monitor computer systems and all the processes that take place in them. White List is a feature that allows the user to safely store the applications. Patent Pending is a new feature designed to shield the computer against viruses. It supports the firewall to block the threats and to prevent the running of harmful applications.
The Advanced Firewall Engine is a watchful component that monitors the entire online traffic. So, it works well to block hackers and private data thieves to break computer systems. This software acts as a common firewall and at the same time, it has the ability to manage more difficult tasks. No matter which version is installed, it has proven to be a versatile tool in the fight against the most cunning viruses.


It is very important to stay on top of the updates because this is the only method to keep your computer away from all kinds of viruses, rootkits, key loggers and hackers, and others. It is a well-known fact that these virtual malicious demons look at the most sensitive components to attack and thus, get into the computer’s system. Updates are created, especially, to prevent this thing. They strengthen the weak points of the computer and secure its sensitive components.
As all other things, computers need maintenance, too, and this must be done every once in a while. Updates perform many things to assure the protection of the operating system and the security of third-party software.
With the help of these updates, the sensitive parts of the operating system are strengthened and the systems and drivers are updated. In this way, the compatibility of the system is increased. Moreover, the software is endowed with new and advanced features and tools.

Annual Unlimited Subscription Plan

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