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Comodo® SecureEmail

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Features: Comodo SecureEmail is a trusted e-mail system which will easily sign and encrypt the mail. It will eliminate the complexity feature that is highly involved in the process of encryption. It is truly integrated with the most of the mail clients.

Usability: Comodo SecureEmail is utilized as automatic software that will automatically encrypt all emails and grandly manages the exchange process certificate. It gets installed essentially as a seamless plug into Microsoft Outlook or in the Network Level Mode. It simply exchanges digital signatures.

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Comodo SecureEmail is a fast and automatic encryption protection of mail. It will offer signing of outgoing mails that are perfectly secure and safe.

Comodo SecureEmail is innovative software with a novel session certificate that will allow encrypting the mails prior to exchanging the signed mails. It is an easy tool to end up all the difficult processes that usually the user gets involved in public key exchanges. It will primarily avoid the reading and editing of the encrypted or the plain text e-mails. An encrypted mail is very sensitive and unsafe. Anybody can intercept and easily read it. Till date, the processes of encrypting the email messages were tedious and time consuming. This new version of email encryption formulated by Comodo is grandly offering the users means to avoid all these hassles and make the email security software very fast and simple.

This software process has a built-in wizard that will permit the fast downloading and to install Comodo email certificates. Although earlier exchanging digital signatures with the other party required that both sender and receiver had to present signed secure emails. Thus, this novel and unique session certificate is a onetime process that will make the complete process seamless. When a sender sends a digitally signed secure email to the other party it can be either downloaded or simply the user has to utilize the online web reader, specifically of Comodo.

This system grandly supports Outlook 2000 and above, Outlook Express 5.5 and above, Thunderbird 1.5 and above, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Eudora. It will work with all the clients using POP3, SMPT or IMAP protocols. The system requirements for this software are exclusive. For 32 bit version [6.55 MB] Windows 7, 32 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows XP (SP2) 32 bit and Windows 2000 (SP4), 20 MB hard disk space and for 64 bit version (6.45 MB) Windows 7 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows XP (SP2) 64 bit and 30 MB hard disk space.

Here is a review of the Top 5 Features of this product:


Five – it is integrated with the session certificate.

Four- offers instant encryption of the message.

Three- easily configures the email certificates.

Two- can be installed as Microsoft Outlook interface.

One- is incorporated with special security slider.

Recommendation: Comodo SecureEmail is efficient software that will notify the system to grandly ensure the sender and the recipient with each other’s signed certificate. We at iYogi can be very happy to recommend our esteemed customers to choose this software and keep their mails secure and safe. Those who already have Comodo as their preferred security provider should also visit our Comodo User Guide.

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