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BitDefender® Total Security 2010 Updates

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Comprehensive and proactive protection for PC against all Internet threats by updating BitDefender Total Security 2010

BitDefender Total Security 2010 is a collection of security software and a complete proactive protection suite for the personal computers. It defends against all of the internet threats such as viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, privacy, anti spam and unauthorized access. It offers everything that is required for a PC security suite. Totally it ensures the privacy, uninterrupted performance and protection of the system. Since it is reasonable in performance, the protection level is higher when comparing with its performance ranking.

Unmatched security features and benefits of updating BitDefender Total Security 2010 are discussed below.

  • Remarkable features of BitDefender Total Security 2010
  • Consequences of not updating the BitDefender Total Security 2010 regularly
  • Important information about updating BitDefender Total Security 2010


Remarkable features of BitDefenderTotal Security 2010

It uses an industry standard virus protection technology and provides and unmatched rate of real-time and proactive protection. All the e-mails and instant messages are scanned for potential threats. BitDefender Total Security protects your personal information while shopping, watching movies and banking. Websites are prevented from stealing credit card and other sensitive information. It saves the files and folders with its top-of-the line encryption and backup technologies. Privacy is highly kept in instant message conversations. File vault is another helpful feature to safely keep the sensitive information and personal files. It protects the privacy of the family network by blocking indecent or pornographic websites and limits the access time of the game sites. In addition to the above features The Total Security 2010 has a two way protection firewall and a Wi-Fi monitor to prevent the unauthorized access to the Wi-Fi network. Except the security aspects it has more features such as improve performance by cleaning unnecessary files from the registry, spam filtering and laptop mode prolong battery life.

Consequences of not updating the total security 2010 regularly

Updating BitDefender Total Security 2010 is a crucial task to ensure its maximum level of protection. Program updates and definition database updates are downloaded by the scheduled automatic updater. Program updates are required to improve the performance, efficient and sensitivity of the software. However database update is the critical stuff that correlates directly with the security of the system. If an update is interrupted or postponed users computer might be at risk or it might experience unnecessary problems with OS or other programs.

Important information about updating BitDefender Total Security 2010

Updating your system with BitDefender Total Security 2010 is a simple task. It is just a 30 days trial product and could be upgraded with a purchased license. In spite of its easier installation feature, user may find difficulties to install Total security 2010 ten in a system that is filled with malwares. Expert’s assistance would be a better solution in this case to avoid unwanted delays as well as protection issues. Updates of the total security suite are free and automatic. However, Depends on the Internet connection, such as dial-up, fixed or local, charges may be applied for the consuming time or data transfer for the updates.

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